Friday, September 24, 2010

The Little Things

Hello Everyone, while shooting a barn scene this summer. I happened to look into a grassy area by a fence pole. That's where I found this little guy. I was able to get a few shots off. He didn't seem to be in a rush to go anywhere.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Windmill & Barn

Hello everyone, these past couple of week's I've been going over past images from the summer to see if there is anything I missed. This shot came from an outing with Ed Heaton around Strasburg. We both processed our images in B&W. I feel that it gives a look from a different century. A time in place where things moved a little slower.
I also want to give a thank you to all my viewers of this blog. I never realised how many view's I've been getting till I checked out the stats to this page. Thank you and your comments are always appreciated.
Hope enjoy

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kelly's Run

Yesterday I hiked parts of Kelly's Run nature preserve near Holtwood. Part of the plan was to scout out area's to shoot for fall color's the other part was to see how low the is the water. Now we've had a hot and dry summer so I knew the water levels would be low, but I didn't think they would be that low. This scene was hidden between a couple of boulders and it was the only 'white' water I could find. This gorge has nice tumbling water down a gorge and if it isn't for the steep hike in and out I'd shoot more often. Hopefully we can get about 3-4 inches of good soaking ran so these creek's can fill up again. Enjoy